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Posted :3/9/2011

pre-op - this was taken few hours before surgery.

This was taken few hours before surgery. I have overall thinning on top, front and crown. It doesn't strictly fit into any of the norwood scale

pre-op -

pre-op - my crow was really bad

My Crow was really bad

The hair transplant surgery was painless. As it was my first surgery in my life i was little scared. But Dr Cooley and the staff gave me comfort. I was given Valium and some antibiotics during the surgery. I was half asleep most of the time. The accommodation etc was well arranged for two days - one prior to the surgery day and one after the surgery day. The staff was also nice. We had discussed for 3000 grafts before the surgery and ended up getting 3282 grafts for the same price - Thanks Dr. Cooley!. Dr. Cooley and team had arranged  pickup and drop off from hotel & hospital as well as from airport and hotel. Thanks a bunch to Cooley.

After the surgery, I was given a solution which I was told to spray at regular interval. In addition, I also took Valium that got rid of the pain. Dr gave me pain killer too but i didnt take those as i didnt feel much pain at all.