Asian82's - Profile page 10 Days after surgery

Posted :3/20/2011

Dr Cooley told the recipient area will became dry after a week and start peeling like a sunburn. It happened the same way. I think everything is going as normal. I still use the shampoo which Dr Cooley provided and i hope this would remove all the white sunburn kind of thing.Before surgery Dr Cooley suggested not to fill the crown hair which grows downwards as it would look funny if my crow balding becomes bigger. He suggested to fill around 800 around the top of the crow and remaining 2200 on the front. He wanted to be conservative about future as well. And i agreed too. 

10 days after surgery - for some reason i feel more

For some reason i feel more hairs showing up in crown.. dont know the reason.. have to wait and watch it

10 days after surgery - front aread

Front aread

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