MaC83's - Profile page 5 Months Post-Op

Posted :4/5/2011

Five months post-op, and there is continued progress with regard to overall appearance.  The first two pictures were taken after my daily application of Rogaine Foam, which is why the hair appears slightly more dense.  The bottom pictures were taken with nothing in my hair.  Although I can completely acknowledge the improvements, I still have my concerns about whether I will achieve a strong, dense hairline, especially on my right side.  I'm not sure how much new growth I can expect at this point, but I certainly hope that the gaps in the immediate hairline will become smaller and smaller in time.  For me, this entire process has been about trying to find a balance between being optimistic and realistic. 

5 months post-op -

5 months post-op - i think this particular angle things

I think from this particular angle, things look pretty good for five months post-op.

5 months post-op - this gap in right side my hairline

This gap in the right side of my hairline is what I am most concerned with. I can only hope that it will fill in, but I don't want to be foolishly optimistic.

5 months post-op -