El Nino's - Profile page Hair Transplant Two. Pre and Post Op.

Posted :5/19/2011

Hey everyone! I was back in Dr. Rahal's chair last week on Monday the 9th of May. My first transplant (aged 28) concentrated on joining my crown into the mid scalp region and improving my look from the front. The result was great and I enjoyed my hair for two years but then I got a bit hair greedy. As you can see from my pics an area approx 15cm2 was left at the lower part of my crown. I hoped that I would improve this area with the use of meds (fin and minnox) but it didn't happen. So I have had this area done (aged 31) and also added some density in the previous transplant. The plan was to get 2000 grafts but my donor density was better than expected and I ended up with 2597, excellent, the more the merrier for me. I also got an excellent hair count which consisted of 110 singles, 1567 doubles, 893 triples and 27 quads which equals 6031 hairs. The size of my strip was 21.1cm2. The density is higher in the lower part of my crown and the rest is spread out in my previous transplant. Dr. Rahal used the singles to restore my crown swirl. The whole experience was great and everyone was friendly and professional just like 3 years ago. But anyone who's had a transplant will know the actual procedure is the easy part, it is the waiting which begins now which is tough. Last time I stayed at the Adams Airport Inn which was okay but cost me quite a bit in taxi fares. This time I stayed at the Foxbar Guesthouse which was well equipped and very comfortable. It is also just a 5 mins walk to Dr. Rahal's clinic which is very convenient. The owner is a nice guy and friendly and gave me a lift to the airport. So to confirm I have now received 5400 grafts in a 75cm2 area of my crown, which is a lot. But the crown really is the black hole for grafts and requires a lot more than the front to create the illusion of density. Dr. Rahal said my donor and laxity is good so I have enough to do the frontal third in the future.

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