Hookhairs's - Profile page Pre 2nd op shaved down

Posted :5/23/2011

Here are the updates for my 2nd op which Dr Feller did completely free of charge.  The doc tried a different approach this time considering my poor FUE result from the first op.  The grafts were not trimmed as much as the first procedure and were not split into smaller units for the hairline etc. This subjected the grafts to less trauma and although I dont want to speak too soon, it seems to have resulted in better graft survival.  The doc was very attentive and was determined to get my result on track.

pre 2nd op shaved down - left side post op day five

Left side post op day five, no flaking, no crusting, no shedding so far, very clean. If only all these bad boys would grow! If all the hairs here grew it would be a great dense look, finger s crossed!

pre 2nd op shaved down - right side two months post

Right side two months post op.

pre 2nd op shaved down - left side two months post

Left side two months post op, much of the hair has not shedded and has continued to grow. Also seeing a few early shoots coming through.

Shaved down pre-op 2nd procedure.

pre 2nd op shaved down - right side day five very

Right side day five, very clean and no crusting. Just need themn to grow now.

pre 2nd op shaved down - post op day one.

Post op day one.

Im much happier with the result so far considering growth is not really due to kick in for another month or two.  Not all of the hair has shed post op, even up to two months and has continued to grow.  Its obviously still a little patchy before growth kicks in but the recipient area is no longer red and im looking foward to the end result.