dtyn's - Profile page 28 May 2011 - 5 months (Length)

Posted :5/29/2011

The transplanted hairs have been growing steadily, even my hairstylist is impressed. It still looks 'sparse' in some areas. Some strands are still quite short so hopefully this will even itself out over the next few months.
In case you're wondering, the donor scar is virtually undetectable unless you know where to look for it.
I am scheduled for a business trip to Bangkok in early November so I will drop by the clinic to say 'Hello' to the staff and show off my hair, haha.


Left - hair lifted


Right - normal


Right - hair lifted


Front - hair lifted


Left - normal


Front - normal look

Next update in end-June 2011, half year anniversary! Will try to do come side-by-side "before-after" photo shots.