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Posted :6/3/2011

Spex Surgery*10!* 224 FUE - Dr William Lindsey

Hi guys, 

I recently returned form a whistle stop mission from the UK to Washington to see Dr William Lindsey and his team for a 200+ FUE surgery. My tenth (10) surgery in total!

As many know i represent Dr Lindsey online (as well as Dr Feller) however had not until yesterday recieved any actual surgery from him myself. Previously i had only helped facilitate a growing number of UK patients book in to see him. My 200+ FUE surgery with him was nothing short of seamless which was facilitated by a fantastic staff too who all kindly came in to work on a Sunday in order to enable the Dr to work his magic on my forelock during my limited stay in Washington.

Dr Lindsey most certainly has a very calm nature about him and a true passion for hair surgery. Once he had shown me his impressive skiing accomplishments ( a variety of mountain ranges throughout his offices he'd accomplished) We got down to the business of FUE! 

The entire process seemed effortless to him yet performed with true precision and expertise. His staff were of the highest calibre and with the use of a light weight hand held mirror i watched a wizard of tech insert all the grafts with meticulous precision and skill in a timely manner. In all my previous surgeries i had never actual watch placement believe it or not. 

Its a must for anyone to understand better the process and appreciate how skilled these top technicians are.

My Forlock 
This area has not been worked on since 2005 by Dr Jones and prior to that Bosley and over the past couple of years I have had a small area in my forlock (off centre) which has niggled me since a small amount of 
remaining native hair basically thinning out leaving a small exposured area of mini/micro work courtesy of Bolsey several years ago. I could easily disguise it and due to my hairs characteristic very easily work the hair into a style to cover it, however it niggled me.
We all know that feeling hey. Well in light of the small number needed i knew an FUE session was going to easily resolve the problem for me and Dr Lindsey and his team executed it as well as any team could have. We hit a small channel and packed it out very nicely and with the adding bonus of not having to shave the recipient area. Dr Lindsey and his team in my experienced opinion are as good as ANY other FUE clinic in business today. 

I obtained 224 FUE - 140 singles and 84 doubles = 308 hairs

Healing has been remarkable already with little if any discomfort. Dr Lindsey used a .9mm Feller punch to do the extractions. I arrived at his office at 10am and left his office after lunch with his family at 1pm and caught a flight home. I only took one paracetamol as a precaution and slept the entire journey back 6hrs.

I have just returned , quite literally, and will gladly post pics once Dr Linsdey has had chance to sort and send them over. I will update with follow ups too.

I would just like to say a BIG public than kyou to the Dr and his team for a job well done and once rested up will make a more comprehensive write up in order to help all other UK clients with regards to logistics , accommodation, flights etc.


224 fue with dr lindsey -

224 fue with dr lindsey -

224 fue with dr lindsey -

224 fue with dr lindsey -

224 fue with dr lindsey -