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Posted :6/4/2011

Well I'm still not a happy camper, at least not 100% at any rate.My hair is pretty thin all over. I think that some hair has definitely grown and taken root but not all over and not evenly. It looks weird in some places. I have a strong suspicion that I'm going to need another 3K transplants at the very least to get the density I was expecting. I really want to get more density - especially in the area between the red lines in the photo that I have attached to this blog post.

Also for the record I am going to get a Hair Test done by Dr Rassman in August (when I'm next in the States) so that we can count how many of the transplanted hairs grew. Just out of my curiosity. I have not booked another Hair Transplant yet.What the hell are Aderans and Histogen doing - hurry up please. I'm depressed about my hair!!

month-13-or-14-with-a-pic - if you imagine that thin

If you imagine that the thin area (between the red lines) is the same on the left and in the middle then you'll get a feel for how thick my hair is all over. Its becoming tricky to style my hair at the moment - urgghh I guess that means it might be getting worse and that some of the hairs I was hoping were from the transplant were actually my real hairs and they too are falling out. Doc Cooley says that I had telogen effluvium (shock loss) which would explain it not really looking any thicker after my HT and that I should expect things to thicken up until the 18th month. Fingers crossed... fingers crossed...