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Posted :6/6/2011

I thought for my seven month update, I would limit my commentary and let the photos speak for themselves.  I will say that I continue to see short, thin hairs in the hairline, but I'm undecided about whether or not they are vellus.  Earlier this week I went to a clinic called Biothera, for a consultation with their trichologist.  This clinic specializes in cold laser, or soft laser hair therapy, with what look to be some pretty impressive results.  I spent almost two hours discussing the program with the trichologist, but am undecided about whether I'm convinced.  If anyone here is familiar with the treatment, or better yet, has experience with it and can offer me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.  Prior to even going in for the consultation, I asked for Dr. Rahal's opinion, and he said that he would have no problem with me undergoing the treatment, and infact, some people have had a lot of success with the laser therapy.

7-months-post-op -

7-months-post-op - right profile

Right Profile

7-months-post-op - straight on. still hoping for added

Straight on. Still hoping for added density in the immediate hairline.

7-months-post-op - left profile

Left Profile

7-months-post-op - with flash

With Flash

7-months-post-op - top view

Top View