OrioleFan's - Profile page Five months

Posted :6/12/2011

The last two months have witnessed significant growth, with many of my acquaintances commenting on the change.  I have been happy with the growth although the new hair represents only a wispy covering.  At five months I am not sure how much additional growth to expect, but I am optimistic for additional growth during the summer.  I am due to see Doctor Bernstein in the near future and hope to refine my expectations with his input.
Updates below:
Hairline: The hairline is clear but somewhat porous (particularly on my left side) and slightly asymmetric.  Density is greatest here, which was Doctor Bernstein's intent.
Scalp: The area behind the hairline is noticeably thin, and now the least well covered part of my head.  The consequence is a somewhat bare appearance from a birds-eye view.  While not a significant cosmetic shortcoming, I think a second session (if I have one) would attempt to address this area.

Scar: I barely notice the scar anymore; only when I rest my head and apply direct pressure on the scar (and then it doesn't hurt; more of a mild discomfort).
Recipient area (acne / folliculitis):
Recipient area still has a slightly "pocked" appearance from the graft indentations, and I am still suffering the after effects of the acne breakout on the scalp.  However, overall the scalp condition is improving and is not a major concern.