jessie's - Profile page 9.5 months post 1000 fue Dr Feller: poor result so far

Posted :6/17/2011

These are my 9.5 month progress pics.
One or two are a little blurred. The pics were taken without flash from a digital camera in a room without ambient light (curtains closed, soft lighting in living room). I have also used a comb to expose transplanted area.
I have tracked my progress carefully over the last 9.5 months. these are my first published photographs.
I know this is early days, especially  given previous HTs to frontal area and scar tissue to contend with, however I am disappointed with the result so far. I will continue in the same positive mindset though 'patience patience patience!!!'
Compare these with the original photos taken by Dr Feller. These were taken under slightly brighter conditions and a better camera. Compare the comparision, i personally don't think that we went into the temples quite far enough. This can be evidenced by the gap between the sparse transplanted area and the native hair.

front right hairline (parted, showing weakness of hair line)

right side (temple area)

front to left hair line

left side (temple area)

front to left hair line (slightly blurred)

This is the 9.5 month update. Due to concerns regarding slow progress Spex and I have decided to meet at the 12 month stage. By this time this will be a good time to evaluate the result, although i appreciate some will say that 18 months is a better time to evaluate. I personally think that 9- 10 months gives you a good idea as to where you are heading.

Watch this space for further updates