dtyn's - Profile page 28 Sep 2011 - 9 months (Me? 40?)

Posted :6/29/2011

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your patience and messages. Here's the long awaited update at 9 months.
Well I don't need to tell you the result or how I feel. The photos speak for themselves.
Coincidentally my 40th birthday was a few days ago. Do I look 40?
Since I have no qualms telling nearly anyone about my HT, I am happy to show my face in the photos ^_^


By popular request. See my before/after hairline. Notice the circled mole? Hairline is down by an inch on the front and 2 inches at the temples. Great work by Dr Path & team!


Front View


Left View


Right View (sorry about my cat)


Me? 40?