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Posted :8/21/2011

So, I'm now 5 months post op from my second surgery with Dr Feller.  This time around, growth has been WAY better.  In this session, the Doc used a manual punch, left more tissue (fat) around the grafts and didn't split them down to minimise trauma.  Which of the factors was most important or whether it was both who knows.  I've added some photographs which show the new growth to date.  Ok, its no dense mop yet but I'm pleased so far since its only month 5, there will be growth to come and there are some short white thin hairs too which have not been picked up by the iphone camera, so im hopeful that month 7+ photographs should be much better if these develop into terminal hairs.  On one side, Dr Feller filled in a narrower area than was drawn in the first op, Im guessing so that better density could be attained with the number of grafts that were going to be extracted (650).  However, it has left a patchy hairline.  What the Dr will have done at least though is provide a good platform for what will (hopefully) be my 3rd and last op for a while.  My next op will be to add a little density where needed and refine the hairline, so I'll be choosing my doc carefully.  I'm happy to receive genuine comments, messages or enquiries, although if your agenda is to slate Dr Feller or promote a Dr you work for I wont respond and your post will be deleted.  

dr feller - op 2 month 5 update - my right side -

My right side - weaker hairline

dr feller - op 2 month 5 update -

dr feller - op 2 month 5 update - my left side

My left side