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Posted :9/7/2011

I am now ten months removed from my surgery with Dr. Rahal, and as I stated in earlier posts, I am truly happy with my result thus far.  I often look back at my pre-op pictures to remind myself just how far I've come.  I am all but certain that aside from an excellent surgical result, my finasteride and minoxidil regimen has worked well for strengthening my existing hair, drastically slowing further loss...and dare I say, potentially re-growing some hair in the crown.  At this time, I feel pretty comfortable in saying that my hair loss has stabilized, which is a huge relief, to say the very least.  The truth is that I still seem to shed a large amount of hair everyday, but I suppose if it wasn't regenerating, I'd certainly be bald by now.  I will be having a follow up appointment with Dr. Rahal within the month, at which time I plan on discussing details for a potential small procedure to increase density in the hairline.  In earlier conversations, he mentioned that I have a great donor supply, and therefore, he would be willing to perform a procedure consisting of roughly 1000 grafts to strenthen the hairline.  I realize that as I write this, I will be perceived as greedy, because of the fact that I have already achieved an excellent result.  I feel though, that the very success of the result is what drives me to want to fill in any areas that are of concern to me.  At the end of the day, this is about each person's individual happiness, and if when I meet with Dr. Rahal, he insists that another procedure is a bad idea, then I simply won't do it. 

10-months-post-op - right profile

Right Profile

10-months-post-op - top down

Top Down

10-months-post-op - left profile

Left Profile

10-months-post-op - straight on. this angle best displays

Straight On. This angle best displays the area in which I would love to have density added to. Basically from center stretching about 4" into my right temporal area, and roughly 1" deep. Perhaps slighly to my left of center as well.

10-months-post-op - slicked back with water based

Slicked back with water based hair straightening balm.