hadenuf's - Profile page Post-Op Day 1 (Proc 2)

Posted :10/25/2011

I was surprised after the surgery to see that Dr. Rahal had gone straight across my hairline with grafts. This will protect me against future loss and still give my a nicely framed hairline. Much appreciated!
The crown has definitely been bolstered nicely. Exactly what I was looking for.
Pain after the operation was well-controlled with percocet. This time I stayed at the Foxbar guesthouse. If you have a procedure with Dr. Rahal, you HAVE to stay here!!! It's perfect - other guests are in your shoes, accommodations are beautiful, fridge is full of food, and reclining chairs everywhere! I didn't sleep well after my procedure the first time around, and this time was a bit better but still choppy. I'm sure once I get home and settled in, I'll be in a better routine.
Speaking of routine, I guess I have to start back with that terrible vitamin E oil. That was easily the worst part of post-op care the last time. It's sticky and hard to control and feels gross on. But, it keeps the grafts moist and protected for the first week - so worth it, I suppose! This time, Mike gave me a few syringes to help apply the oil. Hopefully that'll do the trick!
I'll update again at the one week mark!