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Posted :11/2/2011

Day 3 Post Op

day 3 post op - day 4 top view.

Day 4 Top view.

day 3 post op - hopefully should be able to conceal

Hopefully should be able to conceal the staples at the back for my flight home to the uk. On a good note, Dr Feller says I had good density and have no need to worry about Donar Supply.

day 3 post op - donar area day 3 with flash. been

Donar area day 3 with flash. Been trying to keep the area as clean as possible, just a little worried about knocking the staples though.

day 3 post op - top view been happy with recipient

Top view, been happy with the recipient area. My last op with hospital group my head was a mess for a couple of weeks, but Dr feller's work was just fantastic. Well looks pretty good to me.

day 3 post op - left side view day 3.

Left side view, day 3.