hadenuf's - Profile page Session 2 - Week 2

Posted :11/7/2011

This week, my scabs/crusts all came off very easily and I was left with no residual, unlike the last time. I finally got a haircut so that I could go out in public. However, it's still very obvious that the recipient area is different from the surrounding area.
It looks horrendous. I wish I had more time off, but I have to go to work. So I've just been taking it in stride. Taking the jokes. I HATE people analyzing my hair, but I'm asking for it with a haircut this short and a weird patchy area in the back. I hope it heals as well as last time. Physically, I feel great. But socially, it's the toughest its been throughout either session. At the very least, no one is asking if I've had a hair transplant. I've just been chalking it up to my "terrible" barber - poor guy. At least I'm not telling them his name.
Here's hoping it'll all be worth it!