irishsailor's - Profile page 2 weeks Post HT.

Posted :11/16/2011

2 weeks post ht. - another shot scar back with my

Another shot of scar from the back with my head looking straight ahead, even at this stage it is hard to notice i had a transplant.

2 weeks post ht. - top view at 2weeks. happy so far

Top view at 2weeks. Happy so far, all the redness and scabs have now healed up pretty well. Cant believe how well the area looks after only 2 weeks.

2 weeks post ht. - better view scar at back. the doc

Better view of the scar at the back. The Doc said i had very coarse hair and would be able to hide the scar very easily.

2 weeks post ht. - staples out at 2 weeks scar pretty

Staples out at 2 weeks, scar pretty well covered with native hair. Happy been able to go out without wearing a cap.

2 weeks post ht. - another shot top at week2.

Another shot from the top at week2.