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Posted :11/26/2011

Well it's still hard to believe it has been a month. Still got 2 months before i start back to work so no one should ever know what i had done. Lets hope the next few months go as quick as the first however something tells me i wont be so lucky.

i-month-post-op - top view.

Top view.

i-month-post-op - over head view. my native hair has

Over head view. My native hair has started to grow back at the front but still only slowly. Glad that the redness cleared up very quickly.

i-month-post-op - right side view.

Right side view.

i-month-post-op - left side view.

Left side view.

i-month-post-op - view rear. scar not that noticeable

View from the rear. Scar not that noticeable, been out and about since the second week without having to wear a cap.