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Posted :8/10/2007

some-photos - before...


some-photos - six months with recent buzz cut.

Six months with a recent buzz cut.

some-photos - six months witout flash left

Six months witout flash, left

some-photos - five months...

five months...

some-photos - six months without flash front.

Six months without flash, front.

some-photos - 2015. please excuse sunglasses.

2015. Please excuse the sunglasses.

The hair transplant process has been quite a journey. Being part of this forum when I am an MHR patient who is not completely displeased with my results so far has been hairy, so to speak. I have not participated in the forum much because of the MHR connection, and my reluctace to bad-mouth my doctor, with whom I had a very good experience, and who seems very concerned about the outcome of my proceedure. I can see that I will probably need another session of @2000 fus before I am happy with the results, and I am planning to consult with the coalition Drs here in NYC before proceeding. As I have said elsewhere, I will wait another 10 months before I make that decision. Regarding the propecia, I am very pleased with the results; I shed very little hair, my crown seems fuller to me, and I have had absolutely no trouble keeping the 'pencil sharpened' (no sexual side-effects). One of my wife's attractive friends asked her if I had done something about my hair, and told my wife that she thought I looked great, and that felt good. I still wear a baseball cap much of the time, because I am not completely confident at this early stage. I have had a great opportunity to look at my vanity, and my motives for getting the proceedure, and I will post my thoughts when I have the time. Meanwhile, I think this forum is an excellent resource both as a place to gain knowlege and a forum to be heard. I am impressed with the men who post here. You guys are the best.

I have decided to try to ignore my head for a few months and let things happen without my worrying so much!