nutstoo's - Profile page Week 17 (4 months)

Posted :12/23/2011

well, wish I had more hair, but I guess we all do at this point. I have read on the internet that we should have anywhere between 25% and 40% by now. My guess is since telogen is longer as you get older, that at my age, 53, I probably have about 30%. The hairline of my transplant is 14 Cm SQ and it was about 7 cm squared deep: a total betweeh 55 and 60 cm Squared. I would say that the three and 4 hairs have come in first and the 1 and twos are lagging way behind. Still red as you can see: that is the most annoying part: for those who had the redness go away quickly, you do not realize haw lucky you are. The redness may also be due to the dense packing.