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Posted :1/24/2012

I am now sitting at the 6 month mark and I just wanted to share my results.  My transplant date was July 11th, 2011.  Dr Rahal and his team transplanted 5604 grafts in all.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, I was and am quite pleased with the whole experience.  I shaved my head down to a #4 (13 mm) last week.   I am very pleased with the way things are progressing.   The donor scar is a non issue and (in real life) nobody can tell anything was ever done.  The results really do look natural just like the hairs were always there.  I am planning a second procedure with Dr Rahal to address the crown area.   Hopefully this will take place this upcoming summer.  I will post again in a month or so.  Cheers for now!

This is were I started

6 month (left profile)

6 month post

The surgical plan

6 month (right profile)

6 month post (buzzed to a #4)