Patiently Waiting's - Profile page 16 days recipient and donor

Posted :2/2/2012

Sutures came out at 14 days but just took pics of the donor. All pictures were taken with flash. Numbness gets better every day. A little itchy around the donor area but nothing too bothersome. I am very happy so fay but I know the toughest part is coming up. I haven't taken a real shower in regards to washing my hair, I am going to go a little while longer using Dr. Rahal's post op cleaning. The scabbing was mostly all gone by day 10 and I beleive that was due to the saline solution being sprayed on almost every two hours and vitamin e oil twice a day. Everything looks to be healing really well. Everyone that looks at my hair can't even tell wehere the transplant took place, except for the donor area. Dr. Rahal and his team are extraordinary.