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Posted :8/1/2007

Hair Trranplant #2, 3094 grafts/7,929 hairs
I've decided to do a second procedure. I am very happy with my first procedure and could stop there. Since I have the time and resources I thought I'd try it again. I could buy a new car instead but this will last longer.

Results of this session:
3,094 grafts, 7,929 hairs
33cm long strip by 1-1.5cm wide, excellent laxity
Incisions made saggitally, lateral slits on the first procedure

To optimize healing, used:
-Regranex gel
-IVIVI ring
-Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen

play it again dr. cooley hair transplant #2 3094 grafts/7929

Hair Transplant #2: After

play it again dr. cooley hair transplant #2 3094 grafts/7929

Hair Transplant #2: Before

play it again dr. cooley hair transplant #2 3094 grafts/7929

Hair Transplant #2: Before

The Plan:
Again, I relied on Dr. Cooley's advice, since he has more experience in all this and can better see my hair objectively than I can. We decided to strengthen the hair line, add more thickness to the front third and fill in the bald spot. An ambitious plan with only 3,000 grafts. I wasn't sure how it would turn out. The results of the first procedure were so awesome that any thing else would be the cherry on the top.

The Procedure:
I was relaxed and ready to go. The night before I went to "British Massage" a mile down the street from the Best Western and had a great massage to get me ready for the next day. I would definitely recommend it. I don't know if having tense back and neck muscles makes any difference but it felt great to loosen all the kinks our from all the traveling I've done during the past 2 weeks. I also bought a basket of snacks and drinks for everyone at the office to nibble on throughout the day.

Procedure #2 was excellent. I stayed awake the whole time instead of sleeping through most of it. Other than a few shots that pinched, it was painless and easy. I started at 7 a.m and left around 6:30 p.m. The day flew by and everyone was fun to chat with. It seemed a lot more fun than my first procedure which was also a breeze. Maybe because I knew what to expect. Dr. Cooley bough me lunch and it was an easy day.

To shave or not to shave:
He asked me if I minded him trimming my hair. He said he could work either way with it. My hair was short but I came this far and I wanted it to be as easy as possible to get great results so I said trim away. I have plenty of time before I go back to work so no big deal.

After the procedure the grafts looked awesome. I can't believe how much coverage he achieved. We went over the medications and post op plan and made a follow-up appointment for the next day. I also went ahead and trimmed the rest of my hair so it was all short.

That Night:
I went back to my room, read a little and fell asleep. My head didn't hurt so I didn't take any of the pain killers or sleep aids. I slept great.

The Next Day:
Waking up I felt fine. The back of my head felt tight but there was no pain. To me there was no noticeable swelling on my face/forehead from the procedure. I went to the office for a follow-up visit and received an Oxygen Treatment. They put a plastic bag over my hair and pumped in pure oxygen to aid the transplanted hair follicles. Later in the day there was no pain, only "tightness" around the donor area and the medication helped with this. Also, putting a bag of frozen peas over my forehead and over my donor area for 20 minutes helped with this as well.

One thing I really admired about Dr. Cooley is his passion and that he is always researching and incorporating the latests hair transplant techniques, big or small, into his practice. He used a new special gel, Regranex, on my follicles enhance the procedure, then he used the gel and other ingredients to made a topical spray mixture that was getting even better results than what I used a year ago. He gave me a special electronic pulse therapy device, Ivivi Ring, to use three times a day that promotes more effective healing, he gave me disposable pillow case so I wouldn't get my regular pillow cases bloody. He has great attention to detail and is always looking for ways to improve the procedure.

I asked him if he ever became bored, doing the same tedious work every day. He said to him it is not tedious at all. He loves it because every procedure is different. Every hair type, head shape and artistic placement was different. He loves his job and it shows in his work.