nutstoo's - Profile page 6 month and 1 Week

Posted :3/3/2012

I decided to do another photo shoot. The photos you are seeing are done in direct sunlight so it gives more of a see through effect. In real life it is much much less see through. As you can tell the only thing still a little spares is the hairline. Behind the hairline it is a forest, not see through even in direct sunlight. This is the advantage of dense packing at over 60 hairs per square cm. My advice is figure out your area, and determine the number of graphs by reqauiring a packing of  AT LEAST 50 per cm.  Honestly, the last six months have been a bitch! it really is not a period of time you want to go through twice! I would say i am almost 100% happy with my transplant as of today. The only thing left is the hairline wich is coming in fast. On the closeups you can see little black dots: those are the new hairs coming in. I think even without any new hairs if the hairline thikens than i would be 100% satisfied. But then again i am difficult (we should all be for the money we spent)