DreamBig's - Profile page 3 months

Posted :3/25/2012

These are my 3 month photos. I'll post more shortly as these are a little blurry.

This is about 2-3 days after cutting at number 4 guard with the clippers.
It's fair to say I'm pretty happy with the growth at this stage. If I have more growth and it thickens up over the next 7-8 months like everyone says it will it should be an awesome result.

At this length I use a little bit of toppik to cover up the shockloss around the scar. Will continue to do so until the hair grows back in these areas. Nothing needed in the recipient area though which I'm very pleased with.

Fingers crossed that I'll have more growth over the coming months.
So far only my girlfriend knows about the transplant and I haven't had anyone comment on the hair yet. I dare say I'll get some comments when I see some people that I haven't seen since I had the surgery though!!

3 months - right side

Right side

3 months - rear view- sorry about photo quality

Rear view- sorry about photo quality

3 months - left side

Left side

3 months - top view

Top view