Capelli11's - Profile page 4 Months

Posted :4/6/2012

Well it is officially 4 months!!!  Wow…what a journey thus far…and it really has
just begun!!!

I have really seen a lot of new growth this past month…typical
Rahal result in that the growth begins way before the infamous 4 month
mark.  My hairline is coming along nicely...getting
thicker every week and it really hasn’t started the growth phase yet!  I don’t really need toppik anymore but I
still put a little on  to just touch it
up and make it a little thicker.  But I
must say…it takes seconds to do in the morning vs. a long time literally
drawing on my hairline…now since I have actual hair at my hairline…a few sprays
does the job…it is SUCH a WONDERFUL feeling to not have to put a pound of
toppik on! 

I am now obsessed with my hair but in such a more healthy
way…in that I can’t stop looking and feeling it now vs. looking at it
constantly in a negative light watching my hairline go bye bye!  I am now not afraid to leave my house to go
run errands and not feel horrible…ironically I have lately received a handful
of compliments that I look younger than my age…perhaps ironic…but I have never
received such compliments prior to my HT…MBH (Must Be the Hair)!!!  That is my new acronym!!! Lol

I can’t believe how my hair is growing and everyone who knew
I had it done are amazed at what it looks like now…night and day…and they think
it is finished…when I tell them this is literally like month 1 of growth…they
are shocked to think it could possibly get nicer! 

As far as my scar goes…scar???  What scar…I have been to the barber and get a
#5 and it is perfect…you really can’t see it anymore…so much that I don’t even
think about it anymore…and to think I worried soooo much about the scar issue…for
those who are worrying like I did…try not to think about it…believe me in the
beginning you look at it and are like OMG…but after a few months it is gone and
you are too focused now on your new hair! 
I have very slight numbness on the scar and sometimes some tingling but
nothing to bother me. 

Having such amazing early growth has raised my confidence so
much…I now have 1 less thing that holds me down…and to not worry about my hair
is such a huge weight off my shoulders because I became obsessed with it for so
many years. 

Check out my pics…I will be posting  a few collages that I made also showing how
my hair has progressed from months 2 vs 3 vs 4. 

One final note…I owe this all to Dr. Rahal…for those on the
fence you HAVE to consider him…his results speak for themselves!  It literally is the best decision I ever did
for myself.  He is a true artist and I can’t
wait to show him my results when he comes to NYC!!!