Patiently Waiting's - Profile page 3 months

Posted :4/17/2012

Growth is definitely kicking in and everyone is getting excited for me. A good majority of the hair is the existing hair that I had but there is a lot of fine hair growing in and behind the hairline that might be a little tough to see in the pictures. Recipient area still has some numbness and the donor area feels great. Almost all of my numbness is gone there. I cut my hair to a level 4 and there was slight visibility of the shockloss of the scar but you could not see the scar at all. Overall very happy so far and I really like the hairline placement by Dr. Rahal and his staff. I am also still receiving follow up calls from Tara which shows the amount of patient care that they display at their clinic. All pictures are taken with a flash and I think these next few months I should see some really good results.