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Posted :5/2/2012

I read a lot of the blogs on this site. I feel sorry for those who are very dissapointed with their hair transplants. I guess I am lucky. I would hate to have to go through this process (the one year wait until final results is unbearable) if the results were not there. If I have advice to give, it is go for dense packing and estimate that you will need 100+ hairs per cm. I did 3650 graphs in a 60 sq cm area. My second advice is that EVERYONE is different, and the problem with averages is the variance. The variance on hair transplants is very large, so that averages are almost meaningless (it is not a measure of central tendency). My hairline continues to improve. I must say the pictures i have been taking are in the worst conditions. Wet hair in direct sunlight. In a normal setting, people who know I have done the procedures are amazed, and obviously wan to do it too. I recommend anyone to consider the Turkish option. Dr Beyhan is top notch and the clinic is as good as you will find anywhere in the world. She is up to date on all the new techniques (attends all the professional association meeting) and has 15 years of experience. She is part of a consortium called Hairmed (they are on internet with English site) . The key difference is price. The trip from the USA to Turkey will cost you probalby $1200. The three days you stay there will be chaper than in the USA. I had a suite at the hotel for almost nothing, so you make up for the extra cost of the plane ticket. Now here is the kicker. The hair transplant is a third the price. I had 3650 FUE for about $6000. You can't even touch that in Europe or USA. The prices on FUT are half that!!! My results are excellent today: amazing in a year. I just typed in hairmed in Google and could not find the site. if you type in hairmed and natural hair transplant, that should do it. That is the name of the englsih site. One last word, a few hairs are still popping out, but much less than between months 5 and 6. In the last photo in this section, you can tell exactly the demarcation of my transplant. The transplanted area is the THICKER area than the partially see through behind it (in non direct sunlight it is not a problem)