Patiently Waiting's - Profile page 4 Months 2 days Fresh Haircut

Posted :5/19/2012

Adding some pics with a haircut I just received today. I told my barber i wanted to be a little more aggressive and see how a low #3 would look. As the pics show you can see some areas where hair needs to still grow in and there is still healing that needs to take place. At four months I am happy and I hope things will continue to progess where I can get away with a #3 or hoping even a #2 in time. I guess my barber told all the other barbers about my surgery and they all complimented me. It kinda suprised me but I think that all the pictures aren't doing justice, things look better in person. I am so happy with my hairline. Dr. Rahal seriously drew it and had it dialed in within 5 minutes or less. I thought he wasn't agressive enough at first but wow he was right on the money. He is truely a visionary and him and his team know how to execute the plan.