Capelli11's - Profile page 6 Months

Posted :6/10/2012

It is that time again for another update!  I am now at the 6 month time flies when your growing new hairs everyday!!!  lol.

My hair is thickening and also getting more mature everyday now.  I know
I may sound like a broken record, but this has easier been the best
decision for me after sooo many lost years of worrying about my hair

Having my hairline back now has put me at ease in that I literally don't
worry about my hair anymore...I think that is the biggest improvement
in that worrying about my hair was a full time job for me...always in my
mind and trying to hide my loss with Toppik and other clever ways.  Now
that I don't worry about it I can focus on other things in my life.  It
has opened new doors that I always thought would be closed.  So if any
of you are still on the fence, get off it and get your HT because there
is hope for everyone to beat hairloss! 

In other news, I have set up my blog on Dr. Rahal's website.  It is a
great way for new/future patients to see other real Rahal patients blog
about their experience.  You can check my blog out and a few others at

I also want to report to everyone that I am officially 100% TOPPIK
FREE!!!!!  I honestly NEVER thought I would ever say or write that...but
the day has FINALLY come where I don't need Toppik!  This week I
decided Toppik's reign needs to end although it has truly been a life
saver for me and without it I would have NEVER left my house because I
couldn't face my thinning hairline.  It has been such a crutch for me
for sooo many years.  However, a new era has begun and I am finally
free.  I can't believe how great my hair looks and with NO TOPPIK!  It
is so thick and my hairline is so prominent and natural looking.  I love
not having that stuff in my hair because it does look suspect in the
hairline especially since I put a lot on to hide my thinning.  SUCH a
great feeling not to use it anymore!  I remember sitting at a bar with
Jotronic in Vancouver when I went for my consultation and he said to
something along the line of one day your not going to ever have to use
Toppik again and he wanted to be I'm ready for a drink again
Joe!!!  :)

As always, I'm here to help and answer any questions/concerns anyone please feel free to drop me a line or comment!!!