chillboy's - Profile page 9 months and a disaster

Posted :6/13/2012

Well, I would say it's clear carelessness and inexperience. I should have waited and  paid more if I had ever imagined that my surgery would be a disaster like this. I gambled and paid the price. The funny part is why would they say the doctor is Pathuri Madhu if he won't even touch you during the surgery. When asked for him to do the surgery he said it would cost more. Everything is done by his assistants from the cut to making holes and transplanting. I say this carelessness and inexperience because the cut is stitched up good on one side and awful on the other. Even the transplanted hair is good in some parts and bad in other parts. Below are few pics of the donor area. It's clearly visible from a distance if the trimmer scale is 5 or below. I can't shave off my head like I did before because the cut looks very bad and my transplanted area looks like hair sprinkled from a distance. On a sunny day my before and after pics look alike.

I am going to have another surgery with Dr Pathomvanich next month. I am confident this time because atleast the surgery is done by Pathomvanich.