chillboy's - Profile page 2nd HT by Dr Pathomvanich (1st week)

Posted :7/5/2012

Hello All, I had a second hair transplant with Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich, Bangkok, Thailand. The surgery took more than 10 hours. 2060(Strip method) and 315(FUE). It was painless and the numbness is almost gone in 1 week unlike my first HT with stayed for a couple of months. The doctor shaved my head before the HT for the FUE. The 2nd cut is made just above the first one which left a big scar. The second cut looks very thin. I am also anapril a hypertensive drug to take twice everyday for the scar to be minimized.


2nd day


with stitches. You can see the second cut was made just above the first scar.


After removing stitches


2nd day