Capelli11's - Profile page 8 Months

Posted :8/19/2012

Hey everyone!

I am a little late on my 8 month postings...I'm around 8.5 months now
but these pics were taken at 8 months.  I have been enjoying my hair
that I don't post that often anymore...which shows how I have moved on. 

Things are great...still growing thicker every day.  I love having my
hairline back and it makes my life a lot easier every day.  Take this
weekend for example...I had a wedding and had to stay over someone's
house afterwards.  i put ZERO TOPPIK in my hair and funny enough i was
running so late that i had 5 min to do my hair...normally it would take
like 20 min to put the toppik in, but with hair...I was able to take my
typical 3 minutes to do my hair and it came out greattt!!!  Staying over
people's houses like i did after the wedding is wonderful and i woke up
not fearful of having Toppik all over the pillow hair looked
just as good as it did for the wedding!  What a great feeling...for
those of you using Toppik you definitely know what I'm saying.  You too
can have this just have to stand up and say NO MORE...and
go check out the great options there are for HT's! 

Hope everyone enjoys the updated pics and as always, feel free to
email/comment as I still enjoy giving back to this great community as so
many of you helped me get to this point!!!