kavis's - Profile page 7 months A.T. !!!

Posted :9/21/2012

Checking back in after 7 months, hard to believe it's gone on that long.  A few highlights...
First, everything played out exactly as they said it would.  The instructions, the hair falling out, the hair growth, at least in my case, was exactly as it was described to me.  The little transplants fell out after about two weeks, the hair seemed very thin for the next 2-3 months, then I noticed the hair growing back.  

At 7 months, the transplant hair is now as long as my other hair, and I've had multiple haircuts where I have a hard time telling the difference.  There is no question my hair is thicker and no question it has made a difference.  And the effect on my confidence has been immeasurable.  Even if it doesn't make a tremendous difference in your appearance (and relatively speaking, mine doesn't), I feel like it did, and I carry myself that way.
I still feel the scar area occasionally as just a slight itching, but it's VERY hard to see.  I have tried to find it in a mirror and not been able to, it's that small.  
Negatives?  Dr. Cooley is involved, but not as much as you think.  He does the cutting and the design, but the transplants were done by the staff, and so it's only as good as his nurses hands.  Plus, I had asked not to modify my hairline, because I wanted it to blend and for it to be completely discreet.  Despite that, they did add a bit to my hairline, specifically they bulked up the front portion and made one section very thick.  I see that every day when I look in the mirror, because the hair is very obviously darker and thicket than surrounding hair.  I doubt anyone would ever be able to figure it out, but I know.  

Also, the follow-up from their office is lackluster at best.  When I had my follow-up visit to remove the stitches, Dr Cooley did not see me, it was just a nurse.  And my 6-month date came and went without a call from them, despite their claim to want to see a 6-month checkup.  Also, I asked for pictures from the set they take before/during/after surgery, and they said they would make me a copy and send them to me, and they never did.
Future concerns?  I have been taking Propecia for 1.5 years before this, and felt like the combination of this surgery and the pill would help to give me years of more hair.  But I recently developed really sore breasts, and even lumps.  The doctor told me to go off the Fin, so I'm stuck with a choice of man-boobs or losing my hair.  And of course I know that if I drop the Fin, the hairline loss will accelerate, exposing the transplant and I'll be in worse shape in 5 years than I was.  But we will see I guess.

Conclusion?  If you're thinking about getting a transplant, do your research and spend some time thinking about it.  I don't regret it, but it's not without issues like I mentioned above.  I worry that I'll be in worse shape in 5 years than if I had just let it go.

If you have the money and really feel it will make a difference, not just physically but mentally, I say go for it.  But don't go into debt or sell a car or anything crazy.  I am fortunate to have the money that it wasn't a big deal, but I wouldn't sell the farm for this.  Also, remember that you are changing your hair, which may mean the styling as well.  My hair is thicker now in front, but it also lays differently than before and I am still figuring out how to style it well.
I would recommend Dr. Cooley, I think he did a good job (when I saw him).  The surgery was really a piece of cake, that should be least of your concerns.
Any questions of me, please ask!  I will get around to pics someday, I promise!