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Posted :1/5/2008

The following is an email response to a man who had made an appointment to have an HT with the doctor who did my hair transplant at MHR. The reply bounced back to me, so I am printing it here. I have edited out the MHR doctor's name.

Hi B*****,

Did you see my weblog on the hairloss forum? I have pictures posted
there which show what Dr M was able to do for me. He was very
kind, as were the members of his staff, and I believe he did his best
for me. He did a very good job with the donor scar, which has healed
well, no shock loss at all. I think he is a good doctor and that I was fortunate to have gotten him when I hear some of the horror stories. Had I been better informed, I think I could have had a hand in having my procedure go even better. I was meticulous about following the post-surgery care, taking
every precaution I could to make my grafts work. I have a follow-up
procedure next week with him.

A couple of issues I have with the situation:

Before the surgery, Dr M. said that I needed 1700 grafts. I was under
the impression that 1700 was all I would need to complete the
job. when I went for my first follow- up, he said I would probably
need around 1700 more to get the density I wanted. I was upset to
learn I would need another procedure, but if I had done my homework in
the first place, I would have know that. I was also eager to have everything 'just work out' (lazy).

Dr M drew a new hairline just before the procedure that was a bit
higher than the one he actually created. The hairline he created based on the proportions of my face was about half an inch higher than my lowest remainaing hair, which, with about 10 other hairs would have to be plucked or shaved once the new hairline grew in. When he finished, all those hairs were surrounded by grafts. We had agreed on the location
of the hairline prior to the procedure, but he changed it during
the procedure and did not consult me. Had he stuck to his original hairline, the 1700 grafts
would have gone further, though still would not have been enough to
give me all the density I expected. Near the end of the operation, he
said that he wished he had more grafts to use, as if he were going to
run out. I told him, "Now's the time!", but he said it was too late in the day. This upset me a lot, and I have thought of it often. I also
wish he had used more grafts. I am not unhappy with the
hairline he created, and I do think he did a good job making it look
natural. I get a lot of compliments, but I am critical of how I look. I would have had more done in that session. An additional 1000 grafts would have made an enormous difference, and I might NOT need another procedure, as my head has responded excellently to the finasteride.

Dr M was good about returning my calls while I was healing, and
he has been a gentleman. He has told me that I need to
wait 12 to 18 months to see just how far my last procedure will
develop, and I am at 8 months now. I believe that just about every
graft he planted has grown, and although I will not come away from the
first procedure with all the density I want, I like the way it's
looking and like seeing hair growing there again.

I will consult with other doctors before choosing to proceed with more
work, and will not return to MHR to do it.

Have you consulted with other doctors in addition to MHR? There are
others in NYC you should talk to which can be found on the hairloss forum where you found my pictures.

What are your reasons for choosing MHR and Dr M?

Be an educated consumer, like Sy Syms says, and try to separate your emotions from your hairloss procedure decisions! Do not jump into something this important. If your head is saying " just do it NOW", it's a good indicator that you need to do more research.

Best of luck!


one year along - right side one year

Right side, one year

one year along - heres top at one year with light

Here's the top at one year, with a light application of Toppik.

one year along - a happier man...

A happier man...

one year along - left side one year.

Left side, one year.

Bird's eye, again, one year, light Toppik.