dtyn's - Profile page 2012 Photo Update

Posted :12/1/2012

Hi Everyone
First, thank you for viewing my blog, and especially to those who wrote. It's also been really great to meet some of you in person, and yes, thanks for the beers!
Some have also wondered why I did not post any updates in 2012. Did my transplanted hair get worse? 
I'm glad to report that the hair has stablized and there is little new improvement. Nope, it didn't get worse.
So by popular demand, here are a few photos taken in 2012:


Jan 2012 - Just woke up with messy hair


Mar 2012 - Me in Korea


Feb 2012 - Who's got nicer hair?

Then  Now passport.jpg

Oh and this is the reason I get stopped at the airport.... Thank goodness I'll get to change my passport in 2014.....