OrioleFan's - Profile page Three weeks post 2nd HT

Posted :12/9/2012

A little over three weeks have elapsed since my second HT by Dr.
Bernstein.  The infection I experienced following the first session has
returned (Dr Bernstein took a culture - results TBD but likely acne
again) as feared.  However, this time both Dr Bernstein and I are
prepared and monitoring the situation closely.  I am also taking
minocycline (oral antibiotic) and cleocin (topical gel), coupled with
the occasional application of mupirocin and use of anti-bacterial soap. 
So far the infection appears relatively contained - but it's difficult
to say at present given it started sooner this time around.

Recipient area

Virtually all grafts have shed, taking with them a lot of the
transplanted hair from the first session - sad!  Recipient area
sensation is still reduced but not entirely numb - maybe 20-30%. 
Practically, I can sense pressure upon touch, but no refined sense of
feeling.  The infection (see comments above) makes it very delicate.

Donor area

The donor area remains a little sore when touched and continues
makes for difficult
sleeping.  Half of the staples were removed after 15 days (one week ago)
and half remain.  The removal was a bit unsettling - midway during what
seemed like an uneventul removal I fainted in the chair!  The
experience started with a feeling of lightheaded-ness, quickly followed
by a sweat and then I essentially fell asleep, lowering my head back
into the headrest.  The nurse indicated this was fairly common as a
reaction to the pain - but oddly I did not think it hurt all that much. 
I can conceive of still somewhat damaged/numb nerve endings signaling
one part of the brain about trauma, but not the pain signals.  Either
way, it was weird, but the Doctor and nurse handled the situation well.