Arries's - Profile page 2 months Recipient Area

Posted :11/1/2007

Alright guys second set for the 2 month mark, this is in the front third. I have noticed some baby like stubble, this could be good news that I can begin to see some signs by the third month. I believe I have kept very minimal amount of the transplanted hairs. The shock loss was very minimal and it was just a small quarter sized spot over my right ear, all has grown back. Patch of fuzz was what I had before, its just finally growing from the buzz cut. Redness has gone away significantly in the last week, only when I apply minoz can you see any type of redness.

Top Down Left Temple

Top Down frontal view.

Right Temple Front View

Right Temple Front View

Top Down Right Temple

Left Temple Close Up. Look Closely at my skin you can tell where the incision area was (slight slight redness) you can see little small baby hairs!!!

I'll post some before pics of my crown, I believe the meds have slowed or dare I say halted my hair loss for know.