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Posted :8/27/2013

I know I slacked a little bit so let me provide an update of my experience between weeks 2 and 3. I had a love hate/relationship with this period.


  • Being able to shower for the first time since surgery. I took baths for the first two weeks to play it safe. It felt great after the first week to let the donor are soak in the tub but nothing can beat a shower! FYI - druing the baths, I played it extra safe with the recpient area and would only let distilled water touch the surface. I know that probably sounds crazy but I did not want hard unfiltered tap water touching the prized area I just invested in. 

    • Lightly massaging my head to remove stubborn crusts. A lot of the crusting came off on it's own without touch but I've been waiting to attack the excess for a little while now. Note that I did not actually touch my scalp. Running my hand forwad across the hair was enough to do the job.

    • Losing my pain meds and getting a good night's rest. Pretty self-explanatory. Almost all the discomfort is gone by this time.

    • Substantially reduced redness. This period, more than any other, I've noticed a major decrease in the redness. I can safely go back to work this week without fear of anyone noticing anything (besides a shorter hair cut). I won't go back, but I could have ;) (I had 5 weeks of vacation in the bank and I'm using 4 of it).

    I HATED:

    • Losing my newly transplanted hair. Alas, the time has come where I have begun to shed my new hair. Along with the reduced redness, in the last 3-4 days I've noticed the most shedding. Farewell beautiful hairline. I hope we meet again.

    • Playing it safe and avoiding the gym. I had permission to go back a week after my procedure but I told Dr. Vories keep in mind that whatever dates he gives me, I'm going to multiply it by 2-3x to be safe. This is killing me because I'm a fitness junkie and I feel unhealthy when I'm not in the gym but again it goes back to the whole "investment and is it worth the risk?" thing.

    • Losing my newly transplanted hair and hairline. Double the note for double the sadness. Ugly duckling is starting to kick in!

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