Bertie's - Profile page 9 weeks and 2 days

Posted :9/11/2013

This is the week I have to return to school, where I can't wear a hat and my hair is on view to everyone. I have grown back about an inch of my own untransplanted hair since the HT, which is what I'd anticipated. Unfortunately, at least half of my untransplanted hair seems to have gone missing, leaving me looking substantially bald at the front (compare today's pics to my pre-op pics). I knew I had a 20% chance of getting some shock loss and unfortunately the dice have not rolled as I'd hoped. Unlucky, eh – shock loss is quite shocking! I've used Toppik to cover as much scalp show-through as possible and it's quite an amazing product, but the contrast between pre and post op is still profound, like I've been thrust forward by at least 5 years to see how bald I'd have become had I not gone for a transplant, the very thing I wanted to avoid and a bit of a nightmare scenario. I've been getting quite a few comments and double-take glances. One teacher asked if I'd had some kind of accident, and I must admit it does feel a bit like that. But I do realise that shock loss is quite normal, so I just have to get through this period as well as I can. If cornered I'll say I'm suffering from temporary hair loss – or telogen effluvium, which sounds impressively medical as well as being actually true – and hope that my hair will soon start to grow. It's supposed to be about 3 months before the new hair starts to grow so hopefully not too much longer to wait. But it also takes about 3 months before hair lost to shock loss starts to reappear, so when I do start getting new hair it may be difficult to know if it's tranplanted hair or simply my own untransplanted hair growing back. I just want to see any hair growing back. I feel like I'm waiting for the cavalry to arrive!