mr_predictable's - Profile page 2.5 Months

Posted :9/18/2013

Hey Everyone,
Just passed the 2.5 month range. 
I have to say I'm starting to get quite concerned with the lack of growth I'm experiencing. Yes, I have a few hair pocking through here or there but I am not seeing anything near what I would have expected to see at this point. Entire sections of the donor area have show little or no growth whatsoever. I understand that I am still early in the process but comparatively I am behind other patients. 
The hair that I had prior to the transplant is also growing in much more thin than it was previously. My hope for this procedure is starting to be replaced by regret. Still hanging in there but this is starting to get worrying. Lastly, the pink colour is not leaving; not sure why but it is still very discoloured.