mr_predictable's - Profile page 4 Months

Posted :10/31/2013

I'm about two days shy of my 4 month post hair transplant anniversary.
My original hair has started to grow longer, which is doing a really nice job of masking my hair. The growth on the left side of the transplant and at the front have certainly started to pick up the pace. Comparing with last month... well there really isn't a comparison. I now am starting to see hair where as before I was nothing more than a cue ball with a few prickly hairs.
I am quite concerned with the growth on the right side. It couldn't be more different than the left side of my transplant. I have what can only be described as a hole, or bald spot in the transplant area. Nothing seems to be growing, no new hairs appear to be sprouting, and as my hair grows longer the visual effect is compounded. 
I keep reminding myself that I am still early in the process and to stay positive. But has anyone else experienced this type of lopsided growth?