502hairplease's - Profile page 14-week-update

Posted :7/8/2008

Sorry it took so long for me to update this.  Just got a haircut, and results are starting to peek through.  When I'm in a room with poor lighting and a mirror, I can see exactly what the hairline is going to look like... exciting!!!  I'm a little worried about the thinning of the mid-anterior.  Dr. Cooley said there wasn't enough room to fit more than a couple of grafts in that section.  I'll probably take a look at filling that in in a few years.  Tell me what you think....

14-week-update - right side. much more thinning this

right side. Much more thinning on this side. Dr. cooley placed the graphs here himself

14-week-update - straight ahead. hairline starting

straight ahead. Hairline starting to become visible

14-week-update - top. you can see what i mean. flash

top. You can see what I mean. Flash exaggerates it, but still pretty scary

14-week-update - left side

Left side