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Posted :10/13/2017

I Strongly advise the blow to be calm and relaxed and to do the following rather then the two nights only they offer.1. Arrive one day prior to operation and settle in and be relaxed after your travel from overseas2. Second Day do the operation3. Third Day removal of bandages and check up by Dr Cinik4. Forth Day your first wash and final check by Dr Cinik and then fly out same day late afternoon flight anytime after 2pm departure is possible as airport is approx 30-50 mins from clinic depending on traffic and you only need to be there two hour prior to departure and not three like most places, and also advise to check in online.If you do what I did above they will charge you 50 Euro's per night extra so well worth being more relaxed or even see if they do it for you for free as I am sure they will as they are very accommodating in that way.I would advise all to follow this routine rather then rushing and staying.All payments to Dr Cinik Clinic in cash work out cheaper and best to pay in Euro's or local currency and conversion rates are much better in Turkey then in UK so advice to travel with £'s from here exchange about £20 at Istanbul airport and then once checked in take a taxi to Taksim Square which cost about £4 and you will find lots of exchange offices there open till around 8 pm and offer best rates, or better rates are available near Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market) or grand bazaar.If Paying Euro'S only convert as much as you need to pay in the clinic as everything else in Istanbul is bought still in there own currency the Turkish Lira (TL). I made the mistake of taking only Euro's from London so had to then exchange there to local money and cost me a lot more. If you are with Vodafone UK you get to use your free data and minutes you get in UK there absolutely free so that really helped me get around my using google maps and ordering Taxi's etc. DO NOT USE UBER in Turkey as its very expensive, downloadataxi app Called itaxi that work like Uber but is local taxi so you get an idea of the fare before you travel or insist that the taxi driver uses the meter as most do not want to use. Food is available not far from the hotel if you want to eat out as breakfast is included in your stay and about 5 mins walk there is a street full of shops to eat, best to go to lower ground car park of the hotel (P2) and walk through the back of the hotel where the cars exit the car park and there is a street ahead of you, just follow that road for about five minutes up the hill and you will come to a busy main road and you will get what you want there. OR if you are in Taksim Square to convert money then the night life there is buzzing till early morning with loads of places to eat and worth the visit as it is like Leicester square and buzzing with life.Also after the operation have some tops with large necks so easy to wear or shirts as wearing Tee shirts is tricky without touching the grafted area. Wear some comfortable bottoms for the day of operation as it is a eight hour operation, so advise jogging bottoms or something light and loose. So you have all my tips now to go on if you need anything else drop me an email.