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Posted :10/12/2017

Well this is a uneasy night as you have to sleep on your back which i am not used to at all and can not sleep on your side at all. You are given a neck pillow so your donor area and grafts do not touch any pillows and is slightly suspended on the neck pillow. During the operation about 2 litres of sterile liquid is pumped into your head to allow them to operate as this liquid raises the skin from the skull allowing them to punch and remove the hair. So during the next few nights this liquid oozes out and escapes through the back of your head from donor area hence why they want you to sleep that way or liquid will travel to grafted area damaging the new grafts or the pressure of liquid causing few grafts to come out. Photo's may be disturbing and this is not all blood. There was some blood on first night mixed with the clear liquid and on the second and third night there was only clear liquid escaping but to be honest on first night was the worst and after that about 10% compared to first night only. Non of this was painful and i did not even realise until i woke up in the morning. Pain killers are given with antibiotics for you to take before going to sleep so it relaxes you but the position was not comfortable for me at all but managed 6 hours sleep.

the-night-after-operation - this is not all blood

This is not all blood so do not get put off, mix of small blood but more sterile liquid that is injected in to the head to allow the operation to take place. Posting this so if you get the same it is no surprise as it is very normal for first few days. I had only one day and next few days only clear liquid coming out but only about 10% of what you see here. Today is 4th night and I had nothing.

the-night-after-operation - the neck pillow that is

The Neck Pillow that is provided by Dr Cinik

the-night-after-operation -

the-night-after-operation -

the-night-after-operation -

the-night-after-operation - you can see pictures night

You can see from pictures from the night of operation which look much better then the next morning due to oozing over night