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Posted :12/13/2009

So, here we are, now almost ten months since my HT with Dr Feller. How am I feeling? The overwhelming sense that I have is that I did the right thing and that I am delighted with where I have got so far. There will probably be some further maturing and thickening to go, and that is all for the good. But the improvement from where I was before the operation is dramatic. I no longer wince at pictures of myself and I feel content when I am styling my hair. I have had an enormous range of positive comments, along the lines of looking young, fit, well etc - and sometimes just "whoa, cool hair". But the change has been so gradual that no-one has flat out asked me whether I have had a hair transplant. It helps of course that the new hairline is maturely positioned.Until recently I was wearing my hair much longer, and there is no doubt that this helps me style it in a way that enhances the illusion of density. I had not appreciated before the HT (as much as I do now) how important a part styling plays in maintaining that illusion, although it's fairly obvious really. In this next set of pictures, I have again had my hair cut fairly short, partly so that you viewers/readers can compare like with like. I am not wearing any product. I have (as usual) aimed to take them in direct and quite harsh sunlight - although viewers/readers should bear in mind that much of my time is spent in lower lit conditions that enhance the illusion of density. These were taken in the evening sunlight. I won't pretend that I am still hoping that the front right side catches up in density terms with the front left side. That said, I am not going to let something short of perfection detract me from feeling very happy indeed with my result so far.

10-months-post-op - this picture shows scar still

This picture shows the scar still faintly visible. This is with a number 4 clip.

10-months-post-op - the new hairline.

The new hairline.

10-months-post-op - hairline right.

Hairline from the right.

10-months-post-op - the denser left hand side.

The denser left hand side.

10-months-post-op - this is right hand side closer

This is the right hand side, closer up. I am able to style it so as to enhance the illusion of density. Instead, in this picture (and in order to keep the pictures as honest as possible), I have messed it up and taken the picture in direct sunlight.

10-months-post-op - from top .

From the top .