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Posted :4/28/2009

Dear readers - I feel I can use that pompous salutation now as my blog has apparently been viewed nearly 3,000 times and it can't all be me - well, not a great deal is going on in the recipient area at 10 weeks post-op. There are initial signs of growth on my left temple. The right temple hasn't changed much although, in certain lighting, some tiny downy hairs become visible. I have tried to capture that in the pictures below, using close ups in particular. My hair is slightly longer here than in other pictures in my blog, so any added density in my forelock is probably illusory. The only ongoing source of (minor) irritation is my donor area: I keep getting little spots there and can't help picking them a bit, with the consequence that sometimes the forming scar starts to bleed - occasionally quite profusely. I'm putting it down to ingrowing hairs. I'm not overly concerned about it, and see it as part of the overall healing process. On the positive side, I've used no nanogen fibres for a few weeks and, with my hair a little longer, the donor area is invisible. Also, the propecia is working marvellously: for the first time in YEARS, I am not leaving 20 hairs in the bottom of the bath or shower every time - one or two at most.

Thankfully I'm ridiculously busy at work, so not thinking about the HT much. This helps - I'm got too much to do to worry about the doldrums! Hopefully there will be more to report with my next update. See you next time.

10-weeks-post-op - close up left temple - see what

Close up of left temple - see what I mean? I'm referring to the short lighter hairs, not the darker ones which - amazingly enough - are stubborn grafts that never shed.

10-weeks-post-op - left temple - i clearly notice

Left temple - I clearly notice some initial filling in.

10-weeks-post-op - right temple - not much happening

Right temple - not much happening but some short downy hairs visible.

10-weeks-post-op - scar. in some areas healing really

Scar. In some areas healing really nicely - already very light coloured and as narrow as I think I could reasonably expect. However, you can also see the scabby bits. Lovely.

10-weeks-post-op - no visible scar - no worries

No visible scar - no worries!

10-weeks-post-op - forelock - largely same before.

Forelock - largely the same as before. From this angle you'd think I had pubic hairs transplanted into my forelock. Sheesh.