Acrobaz's - Profile page 18-weeks-post-op

Posted :6/22/2009

I've had some noticeable growth in the last few weeks (about the 3.5 to 4 month mark), so I thought I'd post a new update. It's really exciting to see, although I know that it is still early days. I haven't cut my hair since the last update, so some of the apparent density may be misleading - but the noticeable difference to my eyes relates to what is happening on the left hand side and also the slow reappearance of my hairline. Meanwhile, the scar continues to heal nicely. Once again, these pictures were taken in daylight with no flash.

18-weeks-post-op - from left. this is where difference

From the left. This is where the difference is most apparent. Compare the six-week pictures!!

18-weeks-post-op - from right. still lagging behind

From the right. Still lagging behind, although this is to be expected.

18-weeks-post-op - the scar is healing nicely. i will

The scar is healing nicely. I will try to get a better close up next time.

The new hairline - slowly emerging.

18-weeks-post-op - top down definitely thickening

Top down, definitely thickening up.

18-weeks-post-op - all fine at rear.

All fine at the rear.