Acrobaz's - Profile page 19-months-post-op

Posted :9/17/2010

I thought it was about time I provided you with an update ... so, here we are, 19 months down the line since my HT in New York with Dr Feller.Now that I have a fuller head of hair, I have recently started experimenting with a groomed look! For so long, I have simply brushed it forward and then spiked it up a bit at the front, which has been a bit on the scruffy side. In these pictures, my hair is brushed into a "soft" parting on the left. I have taken photos from the same variety of angles as before, in exactly the same position in my garden as my previous photos. It's such a great feeling to be able to style it, even just a little bit.Even now, 19 months later, I still notice improvements: the transplanted hair continues to thicken and blend in more naturally with the original hair. I remain very happy with my result.

19-months-post-op - from right.

From the right.

19-months-post-op - left hand side - close up.

Left hand side - close up.

19-months-post-op - right hand side - close up.

Right hand side - close up.

19-months-post-op - from front.

From the front.

19-months-post-op - from left -

From the left - the "soft" parting.

19-months-post-op - from right hand side. no scar

From the right hand side. No scar!